Michael Puckett, EI

Michael Puckett, EI

Project Manager

Michael has several years of experience in construction materials testing and soil/concrete and aggregate laboratory testing. His project experience with Triax includes the following:

Professional Experience

❖ Soil testing including moisture content, gradation, -200 wash, chloride, sulfate, Atterberg limits, pH, unconfined compressive strength, natural density, California Bearing Ratio, direct shear, swell/consolidation, hydrometer particle analysis, and moisture/density proctor compaction

❖ Coarse and fine aggregate testing including moisture content, -200 wash, gradation, uncompacted void content, sand equivalency, specific gravity and absorption, organic impurities, resistance to degradation by the Los Angeles Machine and the Micro-Deval Apparatus, sulfate soundness, clay lumps and friable particles, two or more fractured faces, and flat and elongated particles

❖ Compressive strength testing of concrete cylinders, grout, and mortar samples and flexural strength testing of concrete beams

❖ HMA field and laboratory testing including asphalt content by ignition oven, maximum theoretical specific gravity, VMA/VFA/%Voids and specific gravity of compacted HMA and drilled cores, gradation, -200 wash, moisture and volatile distillates content, asphalt content by nuclear gauge, Hveem stabilometer, resistance to moisture induced damage (Lottman), and field density of compacted HMA using a nuclear gauge

❖ Training and management of new hires and field technicians to perform various lab tests

❖ Management of multiple simultaneous geotechnical and CMT projects and long-term planning to ensure deadlines are met

❖ Data entry and data management of field and lab testing to formalize reports

Project Experience

Pre-construction planning and design including concrete takeoffs, plan assembly, and on-site surveying for the I-25 & US-85 interchange in Castle Rock

❖ Field concrete pouring for building foundations and water tank walls and post pressure-testing concrete repair for the Roxborough Water Treatment Plant