Laboratory Capabilities

Laboratory Capabilities

When you hire Triax Engineering, you can rest assured that all our testing is done in our in-house lab. We have invested a great deal into equipment and accreditation so your project can receive the best care every step of the way. No third party labs or long delays from a separate facility, just efficient and responsive testing performed by highly-trained experts at a place you can trust.

We Can Perform The Following Tests

Soil and Aggregates

Classification and Index Properties

Hydraulic Conductivity Tests

  • Rigid wall
  • Flexible wall

Consolidation and Swell Tests

Unconfined Compression Tests

Direct Shear Tests

Moisture / Density Relationship

California Bearing Ratio

Chemical Tests

  • Soil pH
  • Water Soluble Sulfates and Chlorides

Soil Resistivity


Extraction and Gradation

Bulk Specific Gravity

Theoretical Max Specific Gravity / Rice

HMA Superpave Gyratory Compactor

Concrete and Masonry

Concrete Compressive And Flexural Strength Testing

Grout / Mortar / CMU Compressive Strength Testing

Spray Applied Fireproofing

Thickness, Density and Adhesione