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Engineering Solutions Custom Designed for You

No two construction projects are the same, especially when it comes to the engineering your site requires. The materials on your site should be designed to fit those unique needs while meeting the engineering requirements that will ensure what you build will last.

At Triax Engineering, we focus on getting the work done right while working with you to ensure that the right materials are selected for both your budget and the site. Whether we are working on the design and engineering side or conducting testing on the materials and making material recommendations, we aim to provide options that will enable you to finish your project on time and on budget. Find out more about how Triax can help you today!

Who We Serve

Triax Engineering

General Contractors

Project Owner / Reps

City Municipalities

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Engineering Firms

Our Services

Geotechnical Engineering Services

Your project depends on the geotechnical testing for both permits and the assurance that your project will stand the test of time.

Materials Testing and Inspections / Observations

Speedy analysis with responsive communication makes all the difference when you are in the middle of a project.

Environmental Consulting

Keeping your project in compliance with environmental regulations can make the juggling act we call construction even more complicated.

Specialty Testing and Inspections

When your facility requires perfection in moisture levels of concrete or perfectly level floors, you need a team with the ability to measure those elements precisely.

Laboratory Capabilities

Our labs have been optimized to handle a wide variety of challenges and opportunities to help our clients succeed.

Our Mission 

Quality. Ethics. Expertise

Our Vision

“To provide our clients with confidence and clarity through high-quality engineering reports and services”

Our Process



Once you request a bid for your project, our team will work quickly to deliver an accurate estimate that thoroughly covers the needs of your project and sets you up for success.



Our expertly trained team will work efficiently and carefully to ensure that every detail is assessed correctly and quickly.



You will receive a report designed to help you build your project quickly, with recommendations customized to your budget while maintaining the integrity of your project.



Keep moving towards your goal with the assurance that your report is accurate and to specifications, because Triax Engineering is always available to answer your questions regarding our reports.